Who are we?

KoiBito Japan Co. Ltd is a fully registered Japanese company, with origins in Holland going back over 10 years, via our Dutch sister company. KoiBito Japan is a proud to be a full member of the All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association or Zen Nippon Nishikigoi Shinkokai. We are also a listed member of JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization. We have staff full-time in Japan, who are bilingual and fluent in English and Japanese to a Native Japanese JLPT 1 level. KoiBito Japan is also very proud to have one of the most extensive agent networks in the Koi industry, with agents in over 14 countries already.

Where is our office in Japan?

Our Japan H.O. is in Okayama City 10 minutes from Momotaro Koi Farm. We also have a permanent Branch Office in Nagaoka City, 15 minutes from the famous mountains of Yamakoshi. Okayama City is centrally located half way between Niigata and Kyushu with Kansai International Airport within 2 hrs, and Okayama airport with links to Seoul, Korea only 30mins outside of town. Of course, there is a major Bullet Train “Shinkansen” station in Okayama, with around 10 trains per every hour. Okayama is home to the World Champion producing Okayama Momotaro Koi, and is 1 hour by car from the world famous Sakai Fish Farm as well as many other famous world class breeders. From Narita Airport to Nagaoka is around 3hrs by train, we offer an airport driver collection service for first time buyers worried about travelling alone, or for customers who just want to take it easy on the way to Nagaoka. From our office in Nagaoka City it is then a simple 15 min drive into the area known around the world as “The Birthplace of Nishikigoi”, Yamakoshi. This area, and the surrounding villages and towns, hold the highest concentration of koi breeders anywhere in the world, with Dainichi, Isa and Hoshikin to name but a small few, all with 20 minutes drive of each other.

We speak your language! (…and Japanese too!)

During the main koi buying season of “Autumn” September to December, and “Winter/Spring” January to June, KoiBito Japan has multi-lingual staff posted permanently in Niigata, as well as the South of Japan. KoiBito Japan is especially proud that we are able to deal directly with our customers, without the use external translators, who sometimes have a limited knowledge of koi. Our staff and Agents collectively can speak the following languages fluently English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Russian…and of course Japanese too!

Must I come to Japan to buy koi via KoiBito Japan?

We can cover all the opportunities presented in this modern era of koi export whether you need koi individually handpicked by our expert staff, or your require bulk purchase of whole ponds of koi negotiated by proxy, or you are searching for very special koi for shows and individual customer requests on handpicking trips, KoiBito is proud to say we can do it all. From cheaper koi for beginners to world class All Japan Koi Show winning koi. KoiBito Japan is a major player in the koi auction and open sale industry in Japan for many years with direct and insider access to the following auctions across the whole of Japan: Ogata Koi Farm (Kurume), Sakai Fish Farm (Hiroshima), Okayama Momotaro Koi (Okayama), Dainichi Koi Farm (Ojiya), Narita Fish Farm (Komaki), Tani Koi Farm (Chiba), Niigata Breeder’s Auction (Yamakoshi).

I am looking for koi for Koi Shows in Japan and my home country.

Alongside our transshipping business, we are very active and also work closely with the top brand breeders and suppliers in Japan to find world beating Nishikigoi to participate in koi shows every year. Our staff also participate as judges at regional and national level koi shows in Japan and throughout the world. We have a track record of providing winners for various customers from giant +95cm powerful show winning Gosanke all the way down to delicately beautiful 12cm heart stopping Kokugyo prize show koi, we can supply them all, all your have to do is ask. Between our extensive breeder and agent network KoiBito Japan is very proud to be an industry leader in koi export and sourcing in Japan. We believe we are the most reliable source of koi from across the whole of Japan and we are proud to say we can provide, “Any koi, for any situation, at any time.”