Export of Nishikigoi from Japan to countries all over the world.

KoiBito is a Japanese word and means "the one you are in love with" and in our case "we are in love with Koi". KoiBito Japan is a Dutch/Japanese company with staff in Japan and Europe the whole year round. We will give you the best service and prices available.

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Nisai Mix: Kohaku, Hariwake, Kujaku, Shusui, ShYamabuki (GR), Beni Kikokuryu, Ochiba, Chagoi, Gos

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Koibito special offers

HQ Sansai Kohaku
HQ Sansai Kohaku
Size 64 Cm.
Weight: 26 Kg.
Tosai HQ Handpickmix
Tosai HQ Handpickmix
Size 18-20 Cm.
Weight: 17 Kg.
Tateshita Sanke
Tateshita Sanke
Size 25-30 Cm.
Weight: 24 Kg.

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